IDSF Briefing for NATO Countries

Israel’s Defense and Security Forum (IDSF) expanded its engagement with foreign diplomats based in Israel as it organized a briefing for NATO countries. The Embassy of Slovakia, which is currently serving as the Contact Point Embassy (CPE) for NATO, engaged IDSF to orchestrate a security briefing customized for the Defense Attaché’s of NATO member states.

The briefing began with IDSF Founder and CEO Amir Avivi presenting IDSF mission and activities to the twenty-five defense attaché’s.

After that introduction, Yair Ramati the former Director of IMoD (Israel Missile Defense Organization), the Israeli Ministry of Defense agency that oversees the development, production, and delivery of missile defense systems to the State of Israel, gave a comprehensive overview of missile defense systems, with detailed analysis of the effectiveness of air defenses in recent conflicts.

Brigadier General Avivi then provided an analysis demonstrating in the wake of the American vow to exit the Middle East, how Russia and China have become more assertive in the region with significant consequences for the Middle East and Europe.

Finally, IDSF arranged for the IDF’s liaison to NATO and the EU who is based in Brussels to present some of the current challenges and opportunities for further IDF-NATO collaboration. The IDF expressed their appreciation to IDSF for the opportunity to engage the defense attachés in this unique forum.

Slovakia’s Ambassador expressed his sincere appreciation to IDSF for partnering with his Embassy to provide this content to the NATO representatives and expressed his interest in partnering with IDSF to create additional briefings throughout their tenure as NATO CPE.