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IDSF (in Hebrew, Habithonistim) is a movement that guides the narrative of Israel’s national security needs. We are 2,900 reserve officers and operators from the IDF, Mossad, Shin Bet and Israeli Police. We promote a realistic vision of national security needs based on objective military principles. Our members are proud Israelis who want to secure our future and share their knowledge and conviction with policymakers, youth and the general public. We do not support any particular politician or party.

What can you do for Israel?

Join the fastest growing movement in Israel today. Help us advocate for Israel’s national security needs and ensure that the State of Israel is strong for generations to come.
IDSF Pay for Slay

Pay For Slay

In October, 2021 the research department of IDSF published the most comprehensive paper to date on the issue of terrorists in the civil service (“Pay for Slay”). In the paper we reveal that the PA has a created a fine tuned mechanism to incentivize acts of terror, and their pay structure outperforms the average salary in the Palestinian segment of the population.

Current Campaigns

IDSF Habithonistim has many projects that are in need of funding to make a lasting impact on Israeli society and national security.

200 Lectures in High Schools and Pre-Army Programs

One of the core programs of IDSF Habithonistim is educating Israeli youth about national security needs. We seek to inspire the future leaders, soldiers, and

Policy Briefings

One of the most powerful ways of communicating Israel’s national security needs is to meet with Policy Makers.  We send delegations of high ranking Israeli

National Security Research and Policy Papers

The IDSF research team conducts in-depth study into issues of national security and foreign affairs, in order to provide policy makers with an unbiased, fact-based