Grassroots Movement

We are more than 2,200 high-ranking reserve officers from the IDF, Mossad, Shin Bet, and Israeli Police who educate, influence, and shape the narrative of Israel’s strategic national security needs, to create a secure Israel for today and future generations. We promote a realistic vision of national security needs based on objective military principles. Our members are proud Israelis, who love the Jewish State and the Jewish people and want to share their convictions with policymakers, youth and the general public.

We are a movement, and we are growing. Every day more people join our ranks. Our strength comes not from our vision alone but from our broad base of members and supporters. The people of Israel are ready to return to the core values of Judaism and Zionsim. The people of Israel are ready for a leadership that will defend our sovereignty in the Land of Israel.

The people of Israel are ready for IDSF Habithonistim.