Mission and Vision

IDSF Habithonistim seeks to ensure Israel's security and sovereignty based on a staunch Jewish and Zionist identity. We produce high-quality research on national security, develop public diplomacy strategies, and educate and inspire the next generation of Israeli leaders.


We envision a revival of the core Zionist and Jewish values of the State of Israel, which are the cornerstones of national security.  We will enable policymakers and the public to understand the priority of national security for Israel’s survival, and we will provide a clear and deep understanding of those security needs.  We, officers, commanders and fighters (res.), are here to ensure that Israel will thrive and that the flame of zionism will burn for generations to come.  

Our core beliefs are as follows:

The recognition that Israel is the one and only historic homeland of the Jewish People where it will thrive and prosper for eternity.

The State of Israel has a need and right to reside within borders that are defensible, which are the borders of the Land of Israel, and should not be subject to compromise.

Israel’s national security must be treated as a top priority.

Israel’s security decisions must be based on its need for sovereignty, unyielding military dominance, Jewish-Zionist identity, and democracy.

Security forces must maintain complete freedom of action to defend the citizens of Israel without relying on outside parties.

Israel’s security forces should not be politicized or participate in political discussions.

Regional peace and cooperation must be based on the principle of “peace for peace,” including strengthening cooperation with Egypt, Jordan, and the other Arab states based on shared interests in counter-terrorism and regional stability.

The obstacle to peace is the Palestinian narrative which refuses to acknowledge the existence of the Jewish people and its connection to the land of Israel.

All Israelis who are able to do so should serve in the military or other security services, as it significantly and positively influences and shapes the values of Israeli society.

Israel’s first Prime Minister, David Ben-Gurion, emphasized: “The main purpose of Zionism is redemption, the ingathering of all Jews to their homeland, and the building of an independent and proud Jewish Nationality.”