Lectures in High School and Pre-Army Programs

The “Mechina” (pre-army preparatory) has become a popular option for Israeli youth who wish to dedicate some time before their recruitment to deepen their intellectual, spiritual and idealistic identity. We offer every one of them (more than 60 overall) lectures and seminars that will become an integral part of their educational program. Our lecturers meet these wonderful youth and discuss Israel’s national security challenges, issues of humanism and morality in modern combat, the current arenas Israel is facing and more.  So far we have met and coordinated further seminars with over 1000 participants from all over the colorful Israeli social spectrum – secular, religious, Druze, science-oriented, agriculture-oriented and many more.



The Corona pandemic is challenging, but has one definite benefit: people feel more comfortable gathering online. We realized that though there is nothing like a real, face-to-face relationship and dialogue, we have an opportunity to inform online and have already held some very successful webinars, which are all open to the general public. Each of our webinars has been watched hundreds of times and we’ve had excellent feedback.
After each webinar we produce a booklet that summarizes the main arguments and ideas that came up, including an introduction and conclusion to frame the subject.

On Campus

IDSF Habithonistim has a representative in each of Israel’s universities. These representatives are granted scholarships and aim to organize 3 lectures a year, with at least 200 participants in each lecture. Besides the enthusiastic participation in our lectures – many of the students then follow us on social media and become our  “ambassadors” in the Israeli higher education institutions.