The Next Generation: The Key to Israel’s Existence

IDSF believe that in the absence of a national, Zionist vision, it is impossible to establish a national security strategy. This is the reason we invest in recruiting the younger generation to adopt Zionist and security-based approaches, to the needs of the national security needs of the State of Israel and the Jewish people.

Our education program reaches a range of audiences and institutions, including:

  • Pre-army preparatory programs: These programs train the future generation of Israeli leaders. Senior IDSF members visit and lecture on a range of subjects, based on their expertise, in all matters related to policy, security and the army.
  • Academic institutions: IDSF student groups are scattered throughout Israel’s universities and colleges, developing outreach and educational activities on the subject of national security.
  • High Schools and Youth Movements: IDSF is currently in the process of preparing activities for high schools and youth groups.

If you are interested in bringing IDSF activities to your pre-army program, youth movement, or academic institution where you study or teach, or if you’d like us to participate in a panel on security-related topics – complete the form below and we’d be glad to participate.

We would love to come speak to you!

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The Ministry of Education "Limits of Consent" Program

The “Limits of Consent” program was conceived and drafted by a member of the movement, Col. (Ret.) Itzik Ronen, whose doctoral dissertation addressed the effect of compulsory service on Israeli society. The program, aimed at high school students, addresses the importance of meaningful service in the IDF from a Zionist, security-based and social perspective, rooted in the understanding that the IDF is not simply an army that defends the State’s security but also a first-rate social mechanism which minimizes gaps in society and generates solidarity.

The program has been authorized by Israel’s Ministry of Education.


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