On October 11, 2023, following the outbreak of the Sword of Iron War and the horrific massacre of Israeli soldiers and civilians, Israel’s Defense and Security Forum has addressed an urgent letter to Israel’s political letters to urgently form a national unity government and eradicate Hamas. You may find the full letter including signature in the attached file.


Urgent formation of a national unity government and destruction of Hamas

We, Israel’s Defense and Security Forum, IDSF–Habithonistim movement, numbering hundreds of senior reserve officers, thousands of officers and combat soldiers, and 18 thousand veterans of Israel’s security services — patriots from every stratum of the nation — are deeply shocked by the horrifying massacre of Israeli civilians and soldiers Saturday morning at the hands of the Hamas terrorists. Those barbaric acts have proved beyond all doubt, to the people of Israel and of the world, that Hamas is a murderous Nazi organization with the traits of ISIS, which must not continue to exist anywhere in any relevant form.

This event not only brings a fundamental change in the nature of Gaza but puts a new face on the entire region, requiring Israel to make use of its broad-based international credit and its unconditional support from the USA and the rest of the western world in order to fundamentally change regional dynamics.
This cruel attack on Israel and on its citizens demonstrates unarguably that the political echelons must clearly declare their commitment to the following three tasks:

  1. Immediately forming a national unity government
  2. Completely destroying the Hamas organization, in the Gaza Strip and everywhere else
  3. Establishing a new reality in which neither Hamas nor any other terror organization can take root in the Gaza Strip


We salute the men and women of the IDF, the ISA, the Israel Police, the Mossad, and all the other security services, who have come forward massively and devoted themselves unconditionally to counterattacking and ensuring Israel’s security for the coming generations, and we salute the tens of thousands of Israeli citizens who have come forward to volunteer with action and with words. Together we will prevail.


Israel’s Defense and Security Forum, IDSF–Habithonistim

Brigadier General (res) Amir Avivi, Chairman and Founder, IDSF
Lieutenant Colonel (res) Yaron Buskila, Executive Director, IDSF

Major General (res) Yizhak Jerry Gershon

Major General (res) Gershon Hacohen

Major General (res) Yossi Bachar

Major General (res) Kamil Abu Rokon


Vice Admiral (res) Eliezer (Eli) Marum

Major General (ret) Shalom Katabi

Major General (ret) Aaron Axol

Major General (ret) Daniel Hen

Major General (res) Meir Klifi

Major General (res) Yosef Mishleb
Major General (res) Yiftah Ron-Tal
Major General (res) Dan Biton
I., former senior Mossad official
I., former senior Mossad official
M., former senior ISA official
Brigadier General (res) Oren Solomon, National Security Council
Brigadier General (res) Haim Ronen
Brigadier General (res) Yossi Kuperwasser
Brigadier General (res) Nehemia Sokel
Brigadier General (res) Mofid Ganam
Brigadier General (res) Eli Aharoni
Brigadier General (res) Efi Eitam
Brigadier General (res) Sami Holtzken
Brigadier General (res) Zvika Haimovitz
Brigadier General (res) Chen Amatzia
Brigadier General (res) Hasson Hasson
Brigadier General (res) Oded Tira
Brigadier General (res) Netanel Cohen
Brigadier General (res) Harel Cnafo
Brigadier General (res) Imad Fares
Brigadier General (res) Eli Peretz
Brigadier General (res) Yossi Peretz
Brigadier General (res) Avigdor Kahalani
Brigadier General (res) Zvika Kraus
Brigadier General (res) Moshe Sheli
Brigadier General (res) Avi Gur
Brigadier General (res) Alex Eyal
Brigadier General (res) Eliezer Erez
Brigadier General (res) Moshe Nidam
Brigadier General (res) Ari Singer
Brigadier General (res) Abraham Assael
Brigadier General (res) Ofer Zafrir
Brigadier General (res) Dedy Simchi
Brigadier General (res) Pini Badash
Brigadier General (res) Avigdor Klein
Brigadier General (res) Yossi Adiri
Brigadier General (res) Aryeh Eldad
Brigadier General (res) Erez Winner
Brigadier General (res) Avraham Ben-David
Brigadier General (res) Giora Martinovich
Brigadier General (res) Arnon Ben Ami
Brigadier General (res) Rom Tzuk
Brigadier General (ret) Suzy Ben Baruch
Brigadier General (ret) Dorit Ben Meir
Brigadier General (ret) Haim Afargan
Brigadier General (ret) Yehuda Solomon
Brigadier General (ret) Uri Engelhard
Brigadier General (ret) Rafi Peled
Brigadier General (ret) Nehamia Yaakov
Colonel (res) Tal Braun
Colonel (res) Itzik Ronen
Colonel (res) Oren Zini
Colonel (res) Ilan Dikshtein
Colonel (res) Moti Yogev
Colonel (res) Efraim Laor
Colonel (res) Sammy Tzemah
Colonel (res) Moshe Peled
Colonel (res) Ezra Mena
Former Ambassador Eli Yerushalmi
Former Ambassador Yoram Ettinger
Former Ambassador Danny Ayalon
Former Ambassador Daniel Saban

On behalf of the IDSF’s 18,000 members